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5 Free-To-Play Games Everyone Needs to Try

I never had a real reason to buy anything with money; I knew if I played long enough I would eventually get the weapon, add-on or upgrade I was aiming for.

Anyone who even has a remote interest in games knows that it can get mighty expensive rather quickly. The gaming platforms (PC, consoles and Handhelds) aside, there will always be a need to get a new game. Whether it’s purchasing that big hit everyone seems to be talking about or simply buying an all new world to play in, the unrelenting allure of a shiny new bauble will always be there. Sure, it may be one of the reasons gaming has been so successful; having tons of options to choose from never gets old. Though despite being a devout gamer, I still can’t help but wish that it wouldn’t burn such a massive hole into my pocket every year.

Luckily enough the times are changing. More and more business models are sprouting up and giving way to interesting gaming worlds for a variety of costs. One such model is called Free-To-Play and it often revolves around micro transactions. Playing a game for free is well and good, but not all games are created equal; some developers do it better than others and there are a few games that every self-proclaimed gamer needs to try at least once. Here’s my top picks in what people need to try out.


MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. This genre has been gaining popularity over the years and two games come to my mind, which really need to be tried out, namely League of Legends and Dota 2.

The games are similar enough that I thought I could get away with bunching them up. Yes, there are differences, some big and some small, but at its core it involves a lot of the same mechanics. Whether someone likes one or another mainly depends on their preferences.

League of Legends cinamatic trailer.

Dota 2 cinamatic trailer

The cinematic tells us little of the gameplay for both games, but it does give us an idea.
Basically, the genre is simple enough with a singular straightforward objective. There are two teams that are usually composed of 5 players, each controlling one unique hero or Champion, each with their own set of abilities and attributes. They in turn will battle it out, pushing against each other until they destroy the opposing team’s base. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? There are a number of wrenches in the way of course, heavily fortified towers, waves and waves of mindless minions and of course the opposing team.

It’s no wonder that each team will do their utmost best to kill their opposition, buying them a few moments of stress free reprieve. There’s also a degree of complexity to the genre where players save precious resources to buy enhancements (there are many choices) that could mean the difference between victory and defeat. It is a highly competitive world where skill and teamwork are valued above all else.

What makes it fun though, is that no game is truly the same. The randomness makes for a game always seem to be different. Still, even as the situations differ, a certain degree of glee always embraces me whenever I close in for a kill and disappear before the opposing team can react.

That's not even mentioning the sudden jolts of adrenaline that can surge through my body just before heroic clashes between teams or setting up the ambush to deal with that one pesky player that always gets in the way.

If that’s not enough reason to try out the game, just look at the numbers. League of Legends claims that there are around 12m players active in a single day, while Dota 2 peaks with a total of 500 thousand players online. With that amount of people playing it day in day out there is certainly something there, so try it soon. It’s not like you have anything to lose.

These games are only available for the PC.

Marvel Heroes
NVIDIA F2P Bundle: Avengers

This is perhaps the lowest rated game of my picks and when it was released, I wouldn’t have blamed you for saying pass; after all, I almost did. Still, this game has gone light years ahead of what it once was, when everyone gave it a good all righteous bashing.

The steady development and frequent polishing done by Developer Gazillion has done much for this action role playing game (think Diablo); they have innovated and pushed the game in such a short time that I find myself thinking that they’re one of the best developers out there. Don’t believe me? Check their track record, it’s almost if they have a content update every month, but sometimes they go even further with having a major patch twice in a single month.

Content is all well and good but what makes it fun? Primarily it’s the gameplay and little bits of details that make it go the extra mile. The millage is largely dependant on which hero you play, since they’re not created equally – still, once you’ve found someone that clicks to your play style, spending hours upon hours lost in the game is not unheard of, in fact it’s the norm.

The game is simple enough and revolves around taking a superhero, say Iron Man and fighting your way through a never ending horde of villains and their minions, while picking up every single shiny item that drops. The game roster of playable heroes is increasing every month and there’s no need to do something as silly as logging out to switch between characters; what’s more, all the hero can be bought with items dropped in the game (it may take a while though).

The Coup De Grace though is while the game relies a lot on grinding your way to greatness,
it doesn’t actually feel like grinding. There’s just so much to do that it’ll take hours and hours before something feels truly repetitive. Beating different super villains, saving that hopeless bystander and taking on a T-Rex are just some of the fun filled activities a hero can enjoy. Give it a try, you won’t regret it, I promise you that.

Available on: PC

World Of Tanks

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a multi-ton unstoppable machine of destruction, then WoT is the game for you. For all intents and purposes it looks like a shooter, yet it’s something a little more than the simple point and shoot.

In a realm where everything that appears between the crosshairs has inches and inches of armor, and where it takes precious seconds to reload – a single misstep will be exponentially worse. There’s a lot of skill involved with this tank filled world and a lot of thinking, which involves aiming for the enemy’s weak spots, staying in cover and hiding behind camouflage. I like to think of it as a strategic shooter where patience pays off. It’s the kind of game where it teaches players why exactly it’s a bad idea to rush into an open field.

Gameplay is PvP oriented and mainly consists of two teams trying their best to kill each other. The player will control an armored vehicle capable of bulldozing most houses. There are a lot of vehicles to choose from and they all have a certain role to play in the grand scheme of things.

Understanding that role and how to best utilize the unique characteristics of a tank take practice, but it's the road to go in order to truly enjoy this game.

The learned curve isn’t so steep that it stops a new player in its tracks, but there’s a lot to learn before this game truly feels fun. It took me a month on and off play to get used to all the mechanics and not to curse when my shots failed to get through the enemy armor, but before long, I was aiming for weak spots and leaving burning husks behind my tank – something that is both thrilling and satisfying at the same time.

Some Gameplay

Available PC, XBOX 360

Planetside 2

Can any list be truly complete without a first person shooter? Good thing I don’t need to find out, since Planetside 2 is easily one of the most intriguing titles out in the genre. Even Battlefield 4 will find it hard pressed to come close to this game’s large scale warfare.

Huge maps that would take a lifetime to transverse on foot and perhaps even a handful of minutes on a jet, littered with strategic objections that everyone wants, hundreds of players each aligned to one of the three factions shooting at each other like there’s no tomorrow.

It may sound like the sheer scale of it all makes for one difficult time in just finding someone or something to shoot at, but in truth it’s the exact opposite. The complexity of this game isn’t that bad considering you can be locked in combat a minute after logging in. Going to where you’re most needed is as easy as pulling down the map and making a few clicks.

Also, Planetside 2 is one of the truly free to play games out there. Seeing as everything in the game can be unlocked with hard work and an itchy trigger finger, well with the small exception of cosmetic items.

While playing Planetside 2 I never had a real reason to buy anything with money; I knew if I played long enough I would eventually get the weapon, add-on or upgrade I was aiming for.

The fun may vary though, since teamwork is needed to get the most out of the game. It’s almost indescribable, the feeling of routing out an enemy force as it crashes into hastily prepared defenses. I mean, the feeling of success is there, but it’s always short lived to see as the next battle is just around the corner.

Available: PC, PS4 (2014)

What Do You Think?

As you can notice there’s no MMORGs. It’s hard to recommend them seeing as I haven’t touched any in the last few months and any I did try weren’t truly free to play. There was often this heavy penalty or something I needed to buy in order to truly succeed in the game. Still, if anyone would like to suggest something, please feel free and speak up – I’m always looking for a brand new world to conquer… er I mean explore.

What do you think of my picks? Disagree, agree? What to know more? Let me know and if you have any suggestions that I should play, please share with a comment – don’t be shy.

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72 thoughts on “5 Free-To-Play Games Everyone Needs to Try”

  1. I’ve tried LOL and I think it’s fun, everything else on this list after doing some research looks like fun.

    Well except for Marvel heroes, that low rating is making me weary of touching it with a ten foot pole.

    Mind doing a review? Or telling me a little more about it and what’s so fun? I loved Diablo but marvel just looks a lot different compared to that..

    But Planetsie and WoT sound like my cup of tea, what should I try first? They’re shooters and they have a strategy ! oh man that’s heavenly… got any more good shooters to suggest?

    1. I’m going to do a post release review sometime in the next week or so, but until then what you need to know about Marvel Heroes is simple. Try it, it will surprise you despite everyone’s low ratings.

      If that’s not enough, the gameplay is seamless and enjoyable because it’s deeply immersive. It wasn’t long before I found myself hunting that next mob to get more experience in the vain hope that I would get a little bit stronger before I encountered the next super villain. It’s RPG elements are grand, and if you like customization, there are tons of items that drop. Mileage does vary depending on the hero.

      Def the kind of game you want to try if you loved diablo 2.

      That said, for shooters if you’re more tactically inclined go Tanks, if more arcade go Planetside.

      Enjoy, let me know if you like it.

      1. Hey, I tried Marvel and you’re right it does draw you in. I’m having lots of fun with it right now, I’m not sure how long it’ll keep my mind occupied but I just noticed 5 hours have flown by, so yeah definitely addicting.

        I picked Human Torch and have been having a blast, still learning the ropes though. I sure hope your other picks aren’t this addicting or i’ll lose my social life.

        1. Hey Sidney, thank you for including Marvel Heroes in your top free games. It means a great deal to us as developers, and your kind words (and encouragement of others to try us) are the reasons we keep working as hard as we do to make the game as best as it can be. Next month is going to be introducing even more awesome :)


          1. Oh wow, it’s Mayhem, I’m honored to see a developer pop up in my neck of the interwebs.

            If I’m being honest it’s nothing you guys should be thankful for, I mean, it’s hard not to put Marvel Heroes on my list

            After all, it takes up hours and hours of my life every week and I just seem to keep coming back for more, that alone would have been enough for me to recommend it to others.

            Of course, It certainly doesn’t hurt that you guys have been working around the clock to make it a superb game and I think it deserves more attention, in fact I’m working on a post-release review and hopefully the things (good and bad) I have to say about will encourage more people to give it a try it out.

            Please Keep up the good work.

    2. It’s free…you spend a little time downloading, and you see for yourself without spending a dime.

      Why look for reviews when it costs you nothing to find out yourself?

      The game has come a long way since launch, you get all content 100% free. The only thing you have to pay for, if you choose to, is bank space. Even costumes drop as loot in the game, but you can buy those with real money if you wish.

      No real reason to not try it out for yourself and see what’s up when it’s free.

    3. When Marvel Heroes was released the low scoring reviews were justified. However the amazing development team has put so much work into the game since then that it’s almost a completely different product!
      And they continue to release new content while polishing old content and spend an amazing amount of time discussing things with the community to make sure they’re taking the game in the right direction.
      If it was reviewed today those scores would be a lot higher.

    4. You’re missing out on something. Marvel heroes has everything that Diablo 3 hasn’t. The PvE is immensely fun with more than 40-50 people at a time taking on open world supervillains. Me and my friends played it at a LAN party. At first we had a set number of games that we played, but we ended up playing Marvel Heroes 80% that weekend.
      The PvP begins at level 22 and you get XP every time you win or loose a match. I don’t really need any other game right now. This has everything to offer that I need.

      1. Sorry dude, this game is everything d3 isn’t? If you see more ppl then in d3 party, that means you’re s**ed, everything starts lagging as hell, god, this game has worst memory leaks I’ve ever seen. And you even consider PVP in a game with no balance and 90% characters broken and unplayable? Yeah, this game is everything d3 isn’t, because blizzard took their time and effort to polish their game.

        1. Sure as if D3 didn’t have its share of balance issues, anybody remember the Demon hunter that could kill anything in 3-5 seconds? Or how they kept patching the Wizard until it only had a few build options?

          The point I’m trying to make is that every game, especially the online variety is due to have some balance issues and because of that there will always be a constant directive for change. Bottom line it’s part of playing games these days.

          That said, yes Marvel heroes did have its issues but doesn’t every game have some? The developers will never be able to please everyone and someone will always find a reason to be unsatisfied

    5. Marvel Heroes isn’t f2p at all, it’s pay to win/cheat to win game, with a lot of bugs and disappointment on every corner, this game doesn’t dererve either a second chance or a second glance. They even made an event that promoted cheating, lol.

      1. @Enrique Carthombre: “Marvel Heroes isn’t f2p at all, it’s pay to win/cheat to win game”

        Well, now I have a real name to match up to the multiple sock puppets on the MH Forums…

    6. Why in the heck would you be weary to TRY a FREE game? In this case, the only thing to be weary of is TRYING to not be addicted!

    7. IMO the BEST Free to Play Shooter is Blacklight: Retribution hands down, if your into very fast competitive game play that is. It is the only free to play FPS that has zero “pay to win” as the starter gun & gear is by far superior in every way.

      Another really fun free to play “strategy shooter” is Ghost Recon Online. Both of these games of which i play every day and i can honestly say both games are very well done and have the best “real money shop” balance with “get anything for free” with in game currency if you don’t wish to give up any of your cash.

      I’d also like to recomeand Hearthstone: heroes of Warcraft a very fun and addicting card game.

    8. i must admit i was wary at first too my friend but if you like d2 you will love this it has it’s differences of course that is to be expected like you said its Marvel but hey its free! You cant lose and if your like me at all you’ll be pleasantly surprised, Game on!

  2. all games are worth a try except marvel heroes. its just a boring waste of time/ money. highly recommend not wasting your time

    1. Have you tried it in the last month? A lot has changed and while I agree it was completely crap on their supposed release, now it is what I would undoubtedly call mindless fun and it will only continue to improve in my opinion.

      A brief run down. In game currency that after some grinding will allow you to purchase any of the playable heroes. More tiers of rarity that just make players want to play. The drop rates are great too, with a good time vs reward system that just feels right, you won’t be playing for hours on end hoping to see one piece of loot, you’ll be playing an hour or two and seeing good loot drop all the while

      1. You forgot to add that fixed event which happened a week ago, where they chamged prices qualification every day, and every day more people left the game. Some people were saying, it’s all worth it, because it will open Asgard – and it did, all new disappointment – new 3min of gameplay. Sorry, this game isn’t worth anyone’s time – not even because it’s a pay to win gindfest, but because DEVs got players deep inside their rectum.

      2. You must have tried one of the new characters or one of the few character that had a review. There are another 18 heroes that would disagree with you to a lesser or much greater degree. Also the patches are because of how much they’ve broken the game even more since release. Half the patches are to fix things they just broke in the last patch. They just released another character that had many bugs and issues in spite of testers warning them about them.

        Marvel Heroes is a game that always has had and will have potential, but it has been almost 6 months and the game hasn’t lived up to that for more that half their heroes. Every time they get close to balanced they break the game again. It was a game that wasn’t ready and still isn’t.

        If you can get one of the characters that works for right now you might have fun.

        1. I played that game since beta, tried all characters and I regret every penny and every minute looking back. And man, I played all characters and maybe 3-4 are at playable level at the moment, and yes, it’s true, every new hero they release need fixing, because they are sloppy and they don’t finish or playtest their work. But my biggest concern regarding this game is how they don’t care about their playerbase, it was perfectly shown during the event.

          1. Enrique appears to be a bit grumpy.
            He’s entitled to his opinion but saying the devs don’t care about their playerbase is so obviously wrong it’s not even in the same dimension as right.
            Yes – the devs occasionally get things wrong – but they always learn from it, discuss it with the playerbase and try something different next time.
            You just have to browse the forums to see just how interactive the devs are.

    2. Seriously? This is my most played steam game. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely worth trying out.

  3. What about DCUO? Yes, once you start to get into the very high levels of the game, as far as gear and combat rating go, you have to spend some money. But in comparison to Marvel Heroes, DCUO takes the cake, IMO.

    1. Hey man, I can’t really recommend DCUO because I only played it during… um release (or was that beta?) and I’m sure a lot has changed since then.
      That said , I’ll be giving it another try soon , mainly because I might be getting a shiny new console soon. Should I be playing it on the playstation 4 or the PC? Does it matter? Looks like I have a lot of research ahead me,

      Thanks for the heads up, I have been looking for a MMO, that’s fun and well affordable – there are so few games that I would play a monthly fee for these days

    2. In DCUO you can spend money, but not to win, just to for convinience. Much better game then Marvel, and I played both.

  4. I was in marvel heroes closed beta since first wave, and played all through launch right up until asgard patch, its great for a period of time, if you have no other games that drag you away from it, because It can be a huge time sync lol.

    One game I’m surprised you never gotten around to mentioning tho, when you bring up the ARPG (marvel heroes, diablo referencing) was Path of Exiles or PoE. This has been an absolute great hack n slash grinding game ever since its closed beta days, with offering regular and hardcore modes, as well as leagues and races, that put you against other players, where the developers open up a server where some of the mechanics are tweaked (fire/frost patches on the ground, all enemies have increased attack speeds or multiple projectiles) that can last anywhere from 3 12 min round bursts to see who can level the fastest in a hardcore situation right to a 3 hour long group based race where you team up with friends and try to clear the most content and reached the highest level in that allotted time frame. The only microtransaction part that you may come around to wanting to parttake in, would be a bigger bank space (but marvel heroes is the same, albeit marvel has a much smaller inventory space to begin with than PoE) besides that, everything is strictly cosmetic. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s into the Diablo-esque type grindcore games.

    1. The sad part about being a gamer is that all the good games always seem to be time sinks, and don’t get me started on civilization, one more turn? More like a hundred and there goes your day…or week…

      Yeah, I played beta too and the first week or two and disappeared, I think I came back 2 weeks before Asgard. But I totally agree that gamers will experience burn out for a good majority of games, we can only play one game for so long, no matter how addicting.

      As for Path of exile I’ve never heard of it until now, and boy looks like I’ve been missing a lot huh? I’m taking a look at it right now and I can say it certainly looks interesting and the BUILDS?! Sweet mother ~ rest assured I’ll be playing this game soon hopefully I’ll have fun doing it. I’m bumping it up my list of games to try (which seems to be endless).

      I’m fairly active on gaming sites but this one has never come across my radar, something I need to remedy. Thanks for the rec, I’m excited already – what class should i use if i liked mobile range fighters?

      1. for mobility ranges, you can go with either a ranger or a witch, However, one thing to note. the way path of exiles is built, it doesn’t matter really what class you choose, because any class can go any build, the choices in your build and set of skills are endless. some classes may have an easier time early game due to where they start on the passive tree but like i said, you can basically go any build on any class (think of class purely as cosmetic).

        Right now, I’m enjoying playing 2 builds atm (in PoE we specify as builds, rather than classes) 1 is a spectral throw dual strike scion spec. it has range and mobility and with dual strike, you have a good Elite/boss nuke.

        the other build is called a Duelist Blender build, tons of lifesteal and aoe, it a super safe melee based build, suited more for the intermediate level.

        1. thanks man, I’ll def be looking into this, hopefully around Dec it looks like my holiday season will be far from boring.

  5. Nice picks. I’ve personally been playing the hell out of Marvel Heroes, and enjoying it immensely. DotA 2 and LoL are also fun, though I’ve only dabbled a bit in them.

    Haven’t tried Planetside or WoT, though WoT has been on my list, and maybe I’ll have to add Planetside.

    The one game I think you left out, that you may enjoy if you like WoT, is the only F2P game I play more than Marvel Heroes.

    That would be Mechwarrior Online. Combat is hugely satisfying (I mean, come on, 24 giant mechs slugging it out), even when you end up in a frustrating PuG. And the customization options are great. Not to mention the deep and rich history and backstory of the setting, which bring additional layers of fun as you get into faction rivalries and learn why House Liao is so much fun to kill on the battlefield.

    Aside from that, great list.

    1. Same thing with DCUO, I can’t recommend it if I haven’t played it all that much. I did play Mechwarrior online during beta, it was a little buggy then and I just plain sucked. Well, let me rephrase, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

      Yes, I remember my fond youth playing Mechwarrior 2, back in 98 I believe and when the new mechwarrior was announced I was so excited. I am and will always be a fan. I just never really picked it up again – in hindsight that seems a little wrong, I mean MWO is just like WoT in that you can pick it up one day and ignore it the next.

      Still, I do want to play it, what have I missed? How much have I missed? And do they have the Direwolf yet?

      You should definitely try out planetside 2, sure it’s an fps and you’re not playing a massive mech but still it’s a nice step for the shooter genre, IMO… Find out for yourself..

      1. The gameplay is, in my opinion, superb. So many things to consider in every aspect of play, from where you put the ammo in your loadout, to how you use the terrain, to how you manage your heat. Definitely a thinking person’s shooter.

        It’s come a long way, though there are still a lot of great things that are yet to be added, like Community Warfare and UI 2.0.

        No Dire Wolf yet, since there’s been no Clan Invasion yet, so no Clans or Clan mechs, but I was always an Inner Sphere guy anyway (MW 2: Mercs was my favorite for this very reason), and there’s plenty to keep fans of any faction happy in the meantime.

        You should definitely give it another look.

        1. Yes, the sheer amount of customization on Mechwarrior online is a lot to take in for someone who doesn’t know jack shit, about the pros and cons about each position.

          I think I’ll be downloading this game fairly soon, tom perhaps but I was wondering if the weapon slots or still locked, like Laser only weapon slot and Etc?

          That was kind of a turn off for me to be honest. I wanted to put a bazillion lasers on it… not that that’s possible but hey that’s part of what mechwarrior is supposed to be about, at least to me.

          How much mileage would I get if I was playing as a lone wolf? And would you mind if I looked you up once I start playing it? I mean, I have a blast playing in Tanks is it the same? Because I seemed to remember teamwork is much, much more essential in MWO

  6. Have tried most of these and they are good picks.. and I know that Marvel coped a beating about the initial release.. BUT SO MUCH FUN.. seriously.. get Deadpool 😀 .. but in addition to that it has to be one of the best regarding feedback from staff.. you ask or report problems and they actually Reply 😮 and Do Things to improve the experience :O .. even though the Asgard patch may have been rushed and needs work.. I Know itll get done.. not like many others I have played in the past , so more than one up on Blizzard ^^ and it is nice to see a Dev popping in here.

    1. Looks very much like another Marvel Dev written post, so many things that are not true, but are repeated over and over again by marvel devs, no player who ever played this game would agree on that, if so – only the opposite.

          1. This is kind of funny, I mean Gungnir is Norse mythology it’s been used in all kinds of games.

            You wouldn’t happen to be representing square enix Gungnir? :p

      1. You are the whiniest person I have ever seen. Go find another game to whine about instead of just complaining about Marvel Heroes. This is my user id on the game, so look me up online if you don’t believe it. I wish Gazillion were paying me, but they are not. I did the beta from the first level to the savage land, then I was over it. It got too buggy and I didn’t have the time. However, I got back into it about a month and a half ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not the craziest most in depth game, but it definitely has it’s moments if you are actually into the source material. Also, this is not the kind of game that will blow your mind, but the kind of game that will be just beautifully monotonous enough to let you escape the outside world for a little while. For free. I did purchase some characters, but that was more because I played them in the beta and wanted them back; I also did the eternity splinter random hero thing and got Jean Grey first try who is rather expensive. To each their own, but get a life and don’t hate on everyone who is hyped on the game. Go find another one to whine about.

  7. I will second the Mechwarrior online, been playing since open beta started. Game went through a few rough spots in weapon balance, has still a few quirks but all in all is starting to polish up pretty well. Lots of good stuff coming over the next months, right now it is basically pick a mech, hit launch pewpew dakkadakka. NOT a FPS shooter like CoD and the like, though it is technically a FPS. Game has more to do with team tactics then most twitch FPS do. Thinking shooter I suppose you could call it. I will try this marvel game now, been eyeing it up anyway as I got some free “game money” from nvidea for it. I am going to swing by that path of exiles too now.

    I also downloaded Neverwinter recently, and while I had some good fun with it, I burnt out fast. There are basically 5 classes(adding a 6th) but besides seeing how they play out, there isnt a lot of replay. By the time you are on the third character you have most content memorized. Worth a play though, it is a fun bunch of stories and the combat is ok. Also, my bro in law told me to try Warframe, Third person spaceninja/shooter type game. Looked pretty interesting. I guess it is a good time for games right now, FTP anyway.

    1. Yes Mechwarrior is definitely on my to play list, Just haven’t had the time. It’s just one of those shooters that make you think, exactly what I love about tanks. Do I take cover? Do I peak, are my weak spots covered? The constant thrum of thought is exciting.

      I’m been playing Warframe and it is cool, but for me it gets kind of repetitive after awhile (doesn’t everything?) Still space NINJAS!

      If you haven’t tried marvel yet, Please doe research which starting character would best suit you, some are better than others and like people here have commented some are plain broken and not fun to play … Still there’s plenty of fun to be had with the right match.

  8. Marvel Heroes is awesome, I recently joined the game because of Loki (I’m a huge Loki fan) and having a blast in the game. So far I’ve tried 3 build combinations on Loki and loved them all and I haven’t even played other heroes yet, lol. It’s crazy! All the build possibilities (with skills AND gear), the fast-paced combat and the craploads of drops made me addicted to MH.

  9. Enrique…honestly, for a game as horrible as you keep saying that is, I notice something odd…in the responses to this article, you are the only person who has complained about it.

    And I am curious if you can justify your pay to cheat comment. In what are you required to spend money on? There are only three items in the game that at this point require money. Those being stash tabs, hero stash tabs, and crafting tabs.

    What event encouraged cheating?

    I am curious to see if you’re willing to justify your negative statements.

    1. @Sam – he’s probably referring to the Asgard event which required players to collect and donate a large amount of loot in order to open up a portal to Asgard itself.
      It took a couple of weeks to complete and the top 10 donaters won a cosmetic enhancement for their characters (glowing eyes).
      I suspect his “cheating” comment refers to the fact that those who ended up in the top 10 mostly did it with help from their guildmates and followers.
      I don’t see this as cheating in any way at all and applaud the organisational skills of those who were able to rally people around them.
      The devs investigated some claims of actual cheating (involving a potential loot duplication glitch) but concluded that there was no such cheating occurring.

      Of course the Asgard event wasn’t perfect and I feel it went a little too far in encouraging competition between players instead of collaboration. Plus when Asgard finally opened it was a bit of an anti-climax as all that it provided was another player hub and access to PvP (which is still in beta).

      1. Has anyone else noticed that Enrique for for all his hate, does seem to know a lot about the game.

        I mean, if someone who supposedly hates it has played so much of it how much more addictive can it be to those casual gamers ?

        Games don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be fun and I think Marvel Heroes for all it’s faults is one of those fun games and is something people will just have to discover for themselves, love it or hate it.. just try it.

        And yes I do think the game has issues, but despite that it is a fun way to spend an afternoon – the more time people spend on it the more flaws they’ll notice and that’s true for every game.

  10. I think when it comes to Marvel Heroes, the litmus tests of its success will be the Diablo series (in playstyle) and World of Warcraft (which, while not free to play, I feel is still the benchmark for mmo success and development).

    In terms of story, Marvel Heroes has a distinct advantage of nearly 75 years of lore development (Namor was introduced in 1939, followed by Captain America months later) as a whole. At the very least, the majority of available characters have at least silver-age origins and decades of work in character development individually. For some players there is a certain level of comfort in knowing what you’re getting into when choosing a character versus other games designing towards a vague archetype. You know that the Punisher is going to always shoot bullets. In contrast, we’ve consistantly seen in a game like WoW where “Hi, Im a warrior – I used to be able to shoot occasionally, but now I dont anymore.” What I mean is, theres really no room for the ol’ switcharoo after spending countless hours getting into a character.

    I see some people complain of balance, but I urge them to consider the scope – it would be fairly ridiculous to assume that Rocket Racoon be able to punch a villian as hard as the Hulk, metaphorically speaking. There is a fine line between balance and staying true to the characters, and while Im not sure if that fine line has been reached perfectly, I do believe that there are mechanisms in place which would allow the game to be adjusted to get closer which arent present in other mmo’s – WoW, for example, hasnt hit “balance” ever. What I appreciate about Marvel Heroes is that it accepts X may not hit as hard as Y, but Y has alot of interesting features which can bring about comperable success, all while embracing ever increasing variabillity as new characters are added, instead of trying to curb it by culling mechanics and abillities which otherwise add definition and flavor to a character.

    Graphically, the game doesnt really break any new ground, but the characters are modeled faithfully as a good balance of realism and comic book asthetic which I believe will prove to age better then the character models of older mmo’s with low poly count and cartoony design. Some of the character animations are downright impressive compared to some of these other games as well. But, environment detail is a little lacking in certain zones, to a degree that I for one can’t tell if its a stylistic choice, or a limitation in how design resources have been allocated. That being said, being able to customize your characters from a large array of pre-defined costume choices was a good idea to give players some room to tweak, while minimizing design efforts otherwise needed for every piece of gear.

    The UI is essentially a Diablo clone, for better or worse. On one hand, its simplistic enough that a novice can learn fairly quickly. On the other hand, I often wish for a second row of action keybinds – the hotkey system it currently utilizes is cumbersome and unsatisfying for me personally. All in all it could be worse though – it could be DCUO’s UI. I do wish, however, that Marvel Heroes had add-on support like WoW, at least when it came to UI customization. Not tht there is anything wrong with the current UI – I would just perfer to be able to configure things in a way which is more efficient for my personal playstyles.

    Where I find fault with Marvel Heroes is a few mechanics and thier definitions. For example, an abillity might have a feature which weakens an enemies defenses – but how much defense do they have to start with? How many HP? How is a bleed different from other sources of damage? It makes decision making regarding gear and abillities very difficult, which wouldnt be a problem if the cost of changing ones abillities and experimenting wasn’t fairly high. But, I think its getting better and I’m sure at some point, these sort of questions will become more transparent.

    I also find fault with the current amount and scope of endgame activities. Now, I know raids are coming eventually, but I think they dropped a ball by not releasing the game with at least one – and Doom, mechanically speaking, could have been a perfect fit. Because the game is very story driven, things do start to feel a bit repetative right now going from normal mode to heroic mode to super heroic mode and doing the content multiple times at slightly greater difficulty (which isnt really all that much more difficult because of gear progresssion). Asgard feels like a big dead end right now as well. Great – you saved asgard and can now chill out in Odin’s palace – now what? Nothin.

    All in all, I feel they’ve developed a fantastic framework for some really great things to happen. Time will tell how they deliver.

    1. Necronom thanks for your long post man, it was a nice read.

      I agree with some of your thoughts and disagree a few parts… still I like the way you look at things, it’s brought a new perspective in how I treat to balancing issues…

      I Still think every hero needs to be fun at the very least and that takes thinking and time, and I think my few months of absence have only shown that this game will continue to rise and surprise it’s community.

  11. I would like to agree with a point above about variety in characters. It is, to me, completely OK to have some more powerful then others, as per the comic books. It adds some variety, it makes the characters feel more true to their history. I am actually pretty fed up with the whole “everything must be the same” mentality of online games. Things can get tricky in PvP with balance factors, but really, it is a hero game. Too bad if Thor can pound Rocket Racoon into dirt or even vise versa. What really is actually important, is that each character is fun, and has interesting ability or some pathway to grow in power in it’s own way.

    I also wanted to add, while there is some repetitiveness in content( I used my Nvidea money to buy like 6 heroes off the bat, so lots of “The Raft” haha) we can look forward to tons more heroes showing up, PLUS provided the game is profitable enough to last, there is a significant stock of villains. IMO, when Villains shows up, they can get serious about PvP.

    SO far the one thing I am really enjoying that I did not expect to be in the game is all the little voice snips and interactions. First thing that happened to me when I got into the game was Hulk ran by and says “Don’t even think about it Cage!” I had a chuckle and proceeded to wreck some thugs with my crowbar.

    All in all, it is a pretty fun game so far.

    1. I just got Jean Gray yesterday from a random box and the first thing that she said was when an Emma Frost walked by, something along the lines of “Look Emma, I can read minds with my clothes ON”. I was literally laughing out loud.

    2. Dave, Hope you’re enjoying your six heroes! I didn’t even start with that many! Still as for voice interactions? Wait until you get Deadpool! Or Spiderman, those two will always have comedic value and give you a chuckle at the worst possible moments.

      Honestly though, I’m glad you’re liking it, because a lot of people are wary of trying it out because of the bad reviews ~ enjoy the exp, sif and rarity bonus hope you get a badass unique man.

      Since you’re fairly new to game, I’ll respond to your villains comment – don’t expect it anytime soon but if you do some digging, DoomSaw one of the dev’s has hinted that they’re exploring some different game modes with them .

      Happy Thanks giving man

      1. any button on the numpad makes you character say something different as well, there’s a LOT of voice acting in Marvel Heroes.

  12. I’d like to throw my 2 cents into the Marvel Heroes discussion going on. First, as for that Enrique guy, I find it hilarious that he says that he has bought every single character in the game, but his only complaint is consistently about the Asgard event. He probably got knocked out of the top 10 by someone and is irrevocably distressed about this, deciding to take out his anger by bashing the game and its devs.

    I tried MH during beta and like everyone else, thought it was complete crap. However, about a month ago, a friend of mine couldn’t stop talking about how great the game was. This piqued my curiosity so I re-downloaded the game and holy crap was I surprised how well they had improved. It has been my main go-to game for the past month, and during this time, I have been able to unlock 3 extra heroes without spending any money (Random Hero Box from Eternity Splinter vendor). I decided to spend some money to buy a few extra stash slots, because I feel that the amount of work that the devs have put into this free game to make the drastic improvement was well deserving of the money i was putting into it. Their presence on the forums is fantastic, and the only other time I could recall having a developer so active with their game’s community is with Bungie and Halo.

    As for the balance issues, it is pretty silly for anyone to compare this game to D3. D3 only has 5 classes….MH currently has around 20 heroes, all with unique abilities and playstyles. Balancing 20 classes compared to 5 is a much more arduous process. Aside from that, from a PvE standpoint, balance means next to nothing. My friend has 8 heroes at level 60, but that doesnt stop him from getting on a lower level hero to come play with me? Why? Because there is no system like a ranking, or Item-level, or anything that makes players competitive with other players. Perfect balance isn’t required for a game that isn’t competitive. As for the new PvP released, yes, some characters outshine others, such as Collosus. However, I pray they don’t spend too much time trying to balance the PvP, because then the PvE aspect of those characters will begin to suffer. Even in the PvP, there is no ranking system and everyone receives rewards, so just like with PvE, it doesnt really matter if they’re perfectly balanced or not, but they’ve still done their best to make sure everyone has a fun experience.

    My only issue with the game so far is that there is TOO MUCH TO DO!! Should I spend my time furthering my Story progress, or grind terminals for Cube Shards, or head to MM to do some Legendary Quests? Oh crap, I have enough for a new hero, lets see who i get :). This game is very fun, very rewarding for the time you put into it, and if you understand that this game is meant to be FUN and not COMPETITIVE, then you will definitely enjoy it.

    1. EXACTLY! My thoughts mike

      It’s hard to compare 5 character classes to twenty nine! I’ve been thinking about that whenever anyone mentions how Diablo is all balanced (which is wasn’t).

      Personally I agree there’s a lot to do, and the Dev’s have more planned! Not that it’s a bad thing but it really is just meant to be enjoyed, and I like that about it despite the fact that is so addicting. I have a shit ton of hours on and that’s not even including the time i spent in beta.

      Personally though I’m glad im not the only one who returned after that disastrous launch

  13. I played since steam open beta, and I guess I must be a fan boy. I immediately shelled out for ultimate, and haven’t disliked the game once. Some characters have felt weak for sure, I didn’t dislike the game, I switched to someone else. I have a lot of heroes I remember fondly. There have certainly been bugs that were annoying (group members not showing as in zone, or showing health bars) but I crave leveling up. With Prestige and the number of heroes (and eventually legendary items to level up) it seems I’ll never run out of xp fun.

    1. I shelled out for an Iron man thing pre-launch and I was so disappointed, I ran the game with Hawkeye of all characters, it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t fun. well except Limbo… Limbo was awesome,

      still that seems like ages ago.

      Recently though, I can’t get enough of it and though I don’t play as long as i used too, it does start to feel grindy, especially trying to get a Legendary item (why play if you’re character ain’t pimped out) , but yeah there’s always something to do and if you do get bored it’s easy to switch characters to find someone refershing enough to get me excited again.

  14. Neverwinter and Star Trek Online have amazing free to play configurations, allowing you to trade in game currency for the currency you have to buy. They’re both pretty fun games too, altho Star Trek Online gets boring after a month (you can get max level in a month or less, a week or so after playing one character).

  15. I started Marvel Heroes 2 weeks ago and i ended up spending cash on it. i just like to try different heroes and to be honest, some are much more powerful than others. This is not a bad thing really, but it can frustrate players who want are struggling with their hero and see someone come in and one shot the area.

    I do not mind spending cash on something i enjoy, so i did not mind buying different heroes. I would have to say i greatly enjoy gambit. the gameplay is fun and the special effects are good. I do not feel over powered like i did on loki, but i do not feel weak like i did on cable. I of course am not end game, and i know everything changes at end game, but I do like the characters that are funt o play throughout the game, not just at any one given point.

    Fun factor for marvel heroes is high if you go in looking for a time waster and a laugh. I have recommended it a number of people as long as they research the hero first so they do not end up completely gimping themselves when they start and just get fed up.

    1. which other heroes did you get if you don’t mind me asking?

      I like iron man best, for gameplay but spidey or torch for background jokes

      1. I do not mind. I was playing the black friday weekend so i bought a bunch since they were on sale .. bought Cable, scarlet witch, and emma since they were cheap and then gambit since i like the character. I started with human torch and got Jean when I did a random box.

        Emma is a really cool character and interesting to play. I quite enjoy her gameplay. Gambit has just the right mix of melee to range skills for me.

        Cable just feels hard to level up. supposedly he is much better at later levels but i do not have the patience right now to level him. Scarlet Witch has great dps but can not take a hit well (might be my unlucky eq drops). also, her comments are bland and boring.

        Torch i like, but seems to easy, no challenge. Jean has personality and is fun. She seems to be a good mix.

  16. I recommend trying BOTH Marvel Heroes and DC Universe Online. Each game has its own shining qualities that will appeal to most gamers. The thing to keep in mind while reading comparisons of the two is that they are in fact two entirely different games with distinctly different styles of gameplay. In my opinion the super-hero theme is the only thing that really makes them similar, but both are definitely worth playing.

    1. Been trying dcuo, recently. so far so good but I’m mainly just quenching my curiosity – the real factor of an MMORPG is end game, It’ll prob be a while until I get there but I’m having some fun. Got any tips for a guy who has less than 10 hours under his belt?

      Not as addicting as marvel either which could be a good thing with all the work I have this month.

      Though they’re not really comparable, they’re different games with way different gameplay.

      I guess I just prefer an action role playing game these days or maybe it’s just so much for thrilling hearing deadpool or spidey make jokes as you walk around.

      1. I really enjoyed DCUO but it got to be a real grind at end game. I bought it at launch and the game to level 30 was fun, and then doing the instances also fun the first 10 times or so, but then it got to feel more like a chore to play.

        I recommend leveling a few characters with different skills and different mentors for the story. they level quick and you can easily find out which you like most. I really enjoyed the joker storyline, voice acting was great.

        DC also had the best costume wardrobe idea i have seen in any mmo. once you have the style you have it for good, and then you can mix and match with everything and change the colors. We use to spend so much time just making crazy outfits.

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