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Top E3 Games that I’m Anticipating

Even though it’s been a few weeks since E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) finished, I’m still left with an extreme amount of excitement. I’m not exaggerating either, every morning it feels as if I’m just a little closer to getting my hands on all the great things I saw.  It’s true that it may be a while away but it fills me with a sense of anticipation that sort of feels like I’m floating on air with nothing that can burst my bubble – there’re just so many great things coming.

While it’s true that the new consoles (Xbox One, Playstation 4) took center stage during the expo, they were but a prelude to what really mattered, the video games themselves. I mean through the numerous press conferences during the expo we saw a good amount of current generation games but we also saw a bunch of promising next generation ones as well. It showed us, the gamers, what the industry had in store for us and to call the brief tech demo’s we saw during the media conferences promising is an understatement. It is more than that, it is the culmination of years of hard work and the dream of a better gaming experience all around.

Personally I think that the expo is better than my birthday and every holiday combined, it lasts a few days after all but more importantly it leaves such tantalizing presents. Sure, I may have to buy them out of my own pocket, but just knowing they’re out there is enough for me. While there were a lot of excellent games, only a few took center stage on my radar and I compiled a little list of everything that a gamer should look forward to, it starts with D&D and no that’s not code for Dungeons and Dragons but a little abbreviation for two of the games that I’m most excited about.

The Division

Ubisoft certainly pulled a fast one on us, showing off the beautiful yet deadly world of Tom Clancy’s the Division for the first time during their press conference. As I was watching it, it felt like I was hit by a one-two combination leaving me a little dazed. It was just beautiful. In truth, the beginning looked too much like a cut-scene, but when the players actually started moving without any loss of detail – I knew I was seeing something that could be big.

The visuals we’re nothing short of awe inspiring and certainly left me with the impression of a world gone wrong. Though that’s not the only thing this game has going for it, the gameplay is nothing to scoff at either. The dynamic gameplay and hints of a skill system certainly left me intrigued but what really made me put this game on my number one spot is a role playing game with a fundamental survival aspect. The sheer fact that you need to use a flare in order to save the loot acquired through a play through is big, and has plenty of potential – especially since everyone around can see that big beacon in the sky.

Sure, you may talk about the other survival games out there, but Ubisoft is calling this a massive RPG game, there’s plenty of potential in that. Details are still sketchy at this point, but what we do know is enough to make me wish this game would come out sooner. It’s set to be released for the Xbox one and Playstation 4, with talks about there being a PC version. It’s set to be released Q4 2014, a while away but for something with so much potential, I am more than willing to wait.


The other D in my list is called Destiny and is being created by a little known group called Bungie (makers of Halo), and it certainly lives up to all the hype. Sure, it may be another shooter but it isn’t a shooter amongst many, it’s a sub-genre that few video games have done well. Combining the first person prospectives with the addicting immersive gameplay of role-playing customization. Leveling up skills, hunting for the next item upgrade are certainly gameplay elements that I’m looking forward to.

It isn’t just gameplay either; it’s the jaw-dropping visuals that really underline the untamed world that the game is set in. The detail is everywhere the eye can see, even the character skins have the nice rustic feel of soldiers going into battle. Hopefully we’ll be able to kill all the nasty looking beasts.

As if those aspects weren’t enough, the developer, Bungie, intends to do something entirely new with this franchise. What that entails is anyone’s guess at this point, but their representatives have hinted at a lot and they have even said that they intend to provide a progressing world of sorts with at least a decade worth of planned updates. All in all from what I’ve seen and the always online option, I’m imagining a massive multiplayer shooter that will keep me entertained for years. Though it may sound like a slightly more serious version of Borderlands to some, the gameplay video paints as something that holds massive potential. Needless to say I’m excited for the 2014 release.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

From the few minutes of gameplay, I already knew that Kojima has done it again. The demo looks absolutely gorgeous, with every little detail working way beyond my imagination. The little subtle sway and crease of clothes, not to mention the dust being kicked about as the player moves. Seeing this few minutes was worth every moment I waited for this sequel.

For those of you who don’t know Metal Gear, it’s a tactical espionage game.  What that generally means is that there is plenty of sneaking around happening, and while the gun play is allowed this isn’t a game where you can shrug off bullets and live. It’s a game where you have to watch the guards roving about and think about how best to get past them. I still remember planning out my moves all so carefully, hoping not to get any unwanted attention.

While it’s true that engaging gameplay and masterful storyline are the true hallmarks of this game, the developers at Kojima Productions may have taken the genre one step further. It isn’t a small one either; I think it’s a giant leap. What I’m trying to say is, the game is now open world, and that makes for all kinds of interesting implications. All kinds of methods and ways to infiltrate or do something that will make playing Metal Gear much better. Initially I thought this game was my most anticipated title of E3, but it only falls short because no matter how much I love it, it is a somewhat known quantity at least compared to D&D.

Project Spark

Any games that allow its users to create is something that needs a closer look. That’s because user-generated content extends the lifespan of a game so much. Its only limits are the creativity of its users, and history has shown us that there aren’t a lot of boundaries to be found there. Just look at Little Big Planet.

Still there isn’t much details out for this title right now, but the glimpses of tools are certainly interesting. I mean it could hardly be fun if making one stage is hard and complex with all kinds of rules that need to be addressed. Thankfully the various gadgets used to create in this game look to be a little more streamlined, maybe it’ll be enough for even me to make something. Who knows, time will tell. This is an Xbox exclusive.

Titan Fall

In the age where the First Person shooter reigns supreme and the formula for success has beaten, battered and stirred to death – it can be hard to find something new and innovative. Giant robots and jet packs certainly don’t seem all that refreshing, but upon closer inspection first impressions can be deceiving.

The images alone are enough to make this future game shine but it’s the gameplay that really makes it memorable, at least to me. Despite the fact that we saw multiplayer gameplay, it actually felt like I was watching single player sequences. The beginning of the demo and the whole rodeo like routine where the player hangs on for dear life, destroying the giant war machine piece by piece all the while are perfect examples. Then there’s the seamless switch between a mech and a fast mobile infantryman that makes the game seem so thrilling.

Needless to say, I’m already sold on the idea. I really do think that this game has massive potential. I can already imagine losing days or even weeks playing it. Still, Spring 2014 is quite a wait, luckily other games will keep me occupied. There is one hiccup for future Playstation owners, Titan Fall will be limited to the Xbox one and the PC.

Beyond: Two Souls

Games are more than button mashers and hours of fun. They’re a canvas, a blank slate for a story just waiting to be told and I think this game embodies the story telling elements the best. Whatever twists and turns that wait for me when I finally get my hands on this title, I know it will be a thrilling tale that is worth remembering, just like any meaningful movie. Heck, it even features real actors like Ellen Page.

The great story may have resulted in less than ideal gameplay. The little hints, or sequences that pop up during the E3 gameplay demo aren’t exactly what I would call engaging but I could be wrong. I mean, that’s exactly what I thought about Heavy Rain (same developer), but I was proven wrong there. The button prompts just don’t look as exciting when I’m watching it. It’s totally different from the hectic little exchanges where one little mistake could end everything. So, I’m hopeful that everything is just right and the game provides an all-round satisfying experience, I guess I’ll find out in October.

Honorable mentions

Those are my top 6, but E3 has tons of video games. Here are a few that deserve a little recognition, even if it’s just a plain old video.

Battlefield 4 is coming in late October and while it may not look much different than the previous installment, it certainly looks fun. Oh and it comes with a couple of new features which can be seen in the video

Assassin’s Creed 4 is certainly shaping up. The outdoor stealth is something that excites me and that little seamless transition to the ship. It actually looks like we’ll play as a guy using a ship and not the ship itself, something that I was worried about when this title was first announced.

Final Fantasy XV

While the series has been on a decline it is no less exciting to see a new FF title being announced. The franchise has a special place in my heart as being the first RPG I ever played and it continues to tell thrilling tales with each installment. Hopefully it’ll do better this time.

The teasers

While the expo showed a lot more games, I think these are the ones that need watching, to keep on your radar if you will. If nothing else, they have tremendous potential and could even be a game changer in some cases. Though they’re not alone, we did catch glimpses of the future and I’d like to finish this little thing with the best teasers from E3. The games we won’t be seeing for awhile but at least we know they’re in development and that’s all that matters.

It’s Halo, need I say more?

A Star Wars First Person Shooter made by DICE (Battlefield), what more can a fan boy like me want? It’s like a wish come true. It may not be the ill fated 1313 but it’s something to look forward to.

Mirror’s Edge 2!! If you haven’t played the first one, now’s the time to pick it up. Take it from me; this first person adventure is in a class all in its own. It’s like free running on steroids, with a little hand to hand combat thrown in there.


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4 thoughts on “Top E3 Games that I’m Anticipating”

  1. I’ve heard about Beyond Two Souls for a very long time and I really want to see it. It’s nice that it has popular actors in it and I am wondering how it would feel to see them in a game. I know LA Noire had a great way of showing real people with real emotions on their faces but there’s still something off about their cartoonish bodies with realistic heads.

    1. It’ll be out soon but I don’t know if I’ll get my hands on it in the first week, so many games to play but if you played Heavy Rain (same developer), then you know a little of what to expect.

      I imagine the emotions are going to be realistic, I mean Uncharted 2 and 3 surely did a wonderful job in showing us exactly what could be conveyed in a Playstation 3 game, I hope Beyond Two Souls gives me the same immersive experience, I swear Uncharted makes me feel like I’m watching a movie, hopefully it’ll be more of the same with this game, only a deeper more driven story.

  2. I am waiting for the latest version of grand theft auto, that is GTA V. According to the gameplay trailer of gta 5, we come to know that there are three characters that we have to control in the game which would be very interesting.

    I have never played a game with more than one character to handle, GTA V is the first game in this class, I wish GTA V to be a grand hit due to these new features.

    1. Gta V is a doozy, it’s such a wonderful and fun filled experience. I mean it’s a critically acclaimed game, it’s a masterpiece of current generation consoles. It’s the kind of game that any self-proclaimed gamer should try at least once.

      I mean just look at how many sales records, it’s broken and what critics around the world have given it, I didn’t think it would get so many tens. Still, grab it soon! You won’t be sorry.

      The Switching of players is great, it adds so much more depth and I think it’s the best innovation to hit the series, in case you’re wondering.

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