Geeky Yet Freaky Games To Turn Your Grey Cells On

When a person is on the computer for long hours gaming, inevitably the guy earns the title of being a geek and a freak. But what is questionable is whether he is any better or worse off. Is he an airhead or is he, secretly a genius? People have been urging kids in this digital age to go out and play in the sun instead of being lazy lumps glued to the computer. But what if you could sharpen your brain by just sitting in your home, playing some computer games for recreation?


Types of ‘Freaky’ games

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries and due to its high demand from varied age groups, the game developers come up with numerous games of different genres. The most common would be puzzles, word games and card games, solving patterns and mazes. Then there are multi-player role playing games where a group of friends get together and try to conquer a kingdom or search for the hidden treasure, against other rival groups. Or there are simply games in which friends are fighting against each other to win a mission. Also, there are follow-up games of book series or movies where the fans get to relive their experience.

Toru Iwatani: Pac-Man

‘Freaky’ games – stimulating your Grey cells

Though the advantages of gaming are often controversial with parents worried about their children getting dull, there are definite pros you cannot deny. Playing puzzles, quizzes and word games enhance your language and cognitive skills. In fact it might be the most innovative and easiest way of learning since gaming is easier than reading books. Many games focus on challenging the mind of the player. Playing card games give you a good understanding of gambling in real life and what it is all about. Adult players get to play their real money games in a safe secure setting without the risk of any loss. Playing multi-player role games can lead to enriching your leadership, strategy and decision making skills. Massively multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG) makes you a team player, improving your communication skills as you work in unison to achieve your common goal. These are essential while working in a corporate framework as it induces active learning through learning by doing. Playing against your friends or artificial intelligence stresses your grey matter for smarter and swifter thinking and makes your responses faster with a better hand eye coordination, enabling you to multi-task. Also, it improves technology related knowledge imparting greater computer literacy in children.


Playing with due consideration and proper moderation can bring about many benefits. Kids have to be monitored so that they are not exposed to anything inappropriate. Needless to say, these games are very addictive and will keep you hooked to your computer screens once you start playing. But that doesn’t mean that you are whiling away your time in ‘mindless games’. Games are known to increase your presence of mind, sharpen your reflexes and chances of memory ailments are reduced. So go ahead. Shoot some ducks, jump very high, fight some aliens, race very rash, find your way out of those labyrinths and solve interesting patterns. Because there is something unique and new to learn from every game you play, it might be minor, it might be major but in the end of it all you will be the winner.

One thought on “Geeky Yet Freaky Games To Turn Your Grey Cells On”

  1. I have a game where I sort of improve my social and organisational skills too. I play a leader in a MUD and although the position basically was given to me because at the time, there weren’t really any contenders. In game, I learned about dealing with people and delegating tasks to keep my organisation running smoothly. It can be really freaky but fortunately, I just use it to improve myself on an online setting first, before trying it out in real life.

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