The Fun of Winning through Skills and Efforts

Today is the age of the video game and it saddens me to realize this. The coming generation will be more focused on their game consoles and digital games than the other more traditional ones that many of us have enjoyed over the years. If it’s true for Phoenix, it’s true for the other cities around the country.

I remember when card games and board games were fun and everyone wanted to play. Whenever I asked my niece what she wanted to do, she’d always answer with the ‘Wii’. I can’t blame her for that choice; swinging the motion controller around is a lot of fun but I feel that it’s my responsibility to broaden her horizons.

Monopoly Game

I have a nice little pair to spoil, my niece and my nephew who are almost teenagers but not quite there yet. I started them off with a simple game of Monopoly. Imagine my surprise when they told me they’d never played it before and weren’t the slightest bit interested. I had to do some bribing but they eventually agreed to play. They didn’t always participate, but at times I did get them to settle down was a great experience for everyone. It wasn’t easy to get them involved in an ordinary board game but I thought it was worth it when my sister started telling me that her fast growing children wanted her to play Monopoly with them.

The Billiards

Time passed and we played other board games. But I eventually thought it was time for them to learn something more mature, something they could take wherever they went. After consulting their parents I decided to get them one of those Phoenix pool tables from Scottsdale Store. As it turned out I couldn’t have picked better. My niece loved it. It seemed that they’d always been interested in learning how to play pool because of all the screen time it got in movies and TV shows.

Teaching them the ins and outs of billiards was something else entirely. It was an old game that requires strategies and the precise control. It requires plenty of practices to master but more importantly it’s fun. My niece and my nephew took to it eagerly, practicing often. My nephew explained the game best; when he said that getting the ball into a hole was a challenge and that after it went in, there’d always be that little satisfaction at a job well done. I had to agree with him, you can’t imagine how satisfying it is to get a ball into one of the pockets. It may not be the hole you were aiming for but nonetheless it’s still satisfying.

The Fun

I felt especially proud when they started playing on their own. How could I deny them the fun of winning something through skills and efforts? Then of course, there was the way my niece or nephew would light up after getting ball after ball inside the pockets; winning is fun after all. But the most amusing part was when they started teasing each other. My nephew would try to make a shot and my niece would innocently talk about his current crush trying to get him to miss. They’ve realized that not all fun come out of the computer and I consider that a win.

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