4 Gaming Consoles that are the Future of Video Games

The video game console business pulls in billions of dollars a year from around the world. To claim that it is a competitive market would be a massive understatement. Nintendo has already launched the Wii U and claims that it is an 8th generation video game console. However, industry experts suggest that the Wii U is nothing more than the old Wii with a few new accessories. Here are 4 gaming consoles that the world is looking forward to as the future of gaming.

Dual Shock 3 vs. Sixaxis
PS3 Controller

PlayStation 4 (Orbis)

250GB PS3

The success of the PlayStation 3 allowed Sony to remain the king of the video game console industry. However, what would normally be termed as success for most companies isn’t good enough for Sony. The battle of the 7th generation consoles saw the PlayStation lose a lot of ground to the Nintendo Wii and the XBOX 360. The bosses at Sony were so disappointed by the PlayStation 3 that Ken Kutaragi, the “Father of PlayStation”, was ousted from his position. With the PlayStation 4, Sony will be trying harder than ever and will be going all out to recapture the gaming audience that it lost to its competitors. It won’t be a surprise if Sony reveals the PlayStation 4 during E3 2013 and kick starts the 8th generation of gaming consoles in earnest.

XBOX 720 (Durango)


While the XBOX 360 got a head start over the PlayStation 3, the XBOX 720 may be forced to play catch-up to Sony’s next console. However, fans of the Microsoft console will not be too disappointed. With the 360, Microsoft was able to prove that it could build a console that could rival, and even trump, the PlayStation. If the next XBOX takes a little longer to develop, you won’t find too many fans complaining. The XBOX 360 Slim continues to sell like hot cakes and the 720 will indeed have to be extraordinarily good if it wants to be deemed a worthy successor.


Steampunk Heroes is LIVE on Kickstarter!

When it comes to Kickstarter success stories, the Ouya project will definitely have to be rated as one of Kickstarter’s greatest achievements. The Ouya console will be one of the first video game consoles to hit the market not manufactured by the big three of the video game console industry (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo). Expected to run Android 4.2, the Ouya will also see Google’s operating system foraying into the world of console gaming for the very first time. The Ouya will include access to the OnLive service and applications like TwitchTV. While it may not dent the sales figures of the XBOX 720 or the PlayStation 4, the Ouya still poses a real threat to the Nintendo Wii U.

Steam Console


Valve Corporation enjoys a reputation with gamers that other companies can only dream about. While better known as developers of games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Portal, Valve is also responsible for the increasingly popular Steam software. Although it had its fair share of hiccups in the early stages, Steam quickly gathered momentum and now boasts millions of active users from around the world. It was only a matter of time before Valve entered the hardware sector and started working on its own console. In 2012, Valve finally announced a Steam Console that is expected to compete against the behemoths from Sony and Microsoft. With Valve entering the race for 8th generation consoles, the world of video gaming can only get better.


With more manufacturers jumping onto the console bandwagon, this can only be good news for gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

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