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Borderlands 2 – 87 Bazillion Guns and Humor Too

It seems every a few months a new ‘hit’ video game is released, yet it doesn’t take us very long to have enough of the new video games and move on to other ones. Luckily, every so often there’s a game that goes against the grade and just keeps going. This time I’m talking about Borderlands 2, released way back in September. Sure, the gameplay is fun and the storyline is notably epic but what makes people come back?

The Tone

The game is just ridiculously well made. What stands out right off the bat is the tone of the whole game. The story conveys a tone of humor that keeps everyone entertained. It’s seemingly ridiculous but not to the extent that it becomes weird; it stays funny and keeps the gamer laughing throughout the game, even through the side quests. In fact, I personally spent hours listening and laughing to all the little conversations in the game.

The Gameplay

Besides the story, there’s the gameplay. Like most first person shooters, you point and shoot, but that’s only half of the story. Just look at one of the game’s catch phrases: 87 bazillion guns! It means that the weapon combinations are more than you could possibly imagine. A few examples are: a sniper rifle that fires electricity in bursts or a submachine gun that explodes when you reload it. It doesn’t stop at the guns either; have you ever wanted to throw a grenade that spawned many grenades?

The Multiplayers

However, that’s hardly the whole story. I’m talking about the multiplayer experience. Almost every top video game has it these days and Borderlands is not different. Blasting your way with friends or total strangers through hordes of killer robots or psycho killers multiplies the fun. Sneaking in behind, watching my allies hit the killers from the front, gives me that little extra bounce in my step.

The Characters

Another feature is character progression, choosing the skills and the skins. All this customization is part of what makes borderlands so great. Leveling the character or unlocking some character skins is just one way to play the game.

The Hidden Gems

The developers of the game are a little devious and have hidden all kinds of Easter eggs in the game. Sure, killing the ninja turtles may only be a side mission, but someone has to do it, right? The mutated creatures are only the tip of the iceberg as they pay homage to all kinds of characters in this game. Needless to say, Batman, whoops, or Rakkman is part of the entertainment too.

The Extra

All these features and tidbits would have kept anyone entertained for months but gearbox software (the developers) took it one step further. The game has been out less than 90 days but the developers have already released two full downloadable content packs and an extra playable character. These aren’t rehashed content or a few hastily added tweaks. The DLC packs are full of the rich and attention grabbing content.

The Whole Package

When a game has all these ingredients, people want to play it over and over. It’s not any one of these factors that made me play it repeatedly; it’s the whole package and I’m hardly alone in thinking that way. Hopefully we see more games like this, the kind of game that keeps us entertained long after its release.

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