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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Played It?

Do you love video games? If your answer is yes, which one is your favorite video game? Personally I love many games i.e. FIFA 13, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Grand Theft Auto etc. Particularly I want to focus on the game that I think is the best of them all. Well, my idea of best may not be of much importance but when you see the sales figures of these games then I will definitely have got your attention.

Which video game am I talking about? Call Of Duty (COD) Modern warfare 2. Call Of Duty is not a single game but a series of releases developed by Infinity Ward then published by Activision starting in October 2003. It has later developed to more captivating series since then.

COD Modern warfare video game is supported on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and on computer platforms. This release broke the world record in sales revenue just a week after its release. Not even Electronics Arts which is also a great developing company came close to the figures these games racked.

Basically all Call Of Duty video games are set in the world war II era except modern warfare hence the name ‘modern’ in fictional war. A player gets to play a character after bad guys in a Brazilian favela. It involves first person shooting. As a member of an international terrorist killer force, you will move all over the world in search of a Russian Nationalist. One must know their weapons and other toys well in order to survive from one mission to the next.

The graphics and gameplay that accompany this video game is great to keep one glued to a gamepad for a long time. The game will particularly be enjoyable if you love war games. Players often play this game for varied reasons but my main focus is on players who want to win and have special upgrades availed to them.

How do you obtain special privileges? Well, just cheat. How do you cheat a game? Multiplayer online options may not have cheats, because the ending can’t be predicted, however certain exploits can be taken advantage of.

Modern warfare 2 cheats are collected through gathering enemy intel to stay one step ahead of the opponent. This information is scattered in various secret areas. When one collects more intel, the more cheats they unlock. When one collects 2 pieces of intel, they obtain CoD Noir cheat that turns the game into black and white just like in old war movies.

At 4 pieces of intel, one gains Photo-Negative game colors i.e. it inverts the colors. Ragtime warfare cheat turns the game into black and white, dust and scratches appear, the gameplay is speeded up 2x then the piano plays music throughout and this is achieved after 8 pieces.

At 15 pieces, bad year cheat is unlocked that explodes one’s enemies into old tires when shoot at. 30 pieces of intel is the ultimate special feature one can get. A player unlocks a cheat called Infinite ammo; I’m guessing you know what this is from just the name. Just as the name goes, a player gets unlimited ammunition.

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