The Only Reasons You Need to Play Planetside 2

There’s no pay to win mentality that can turn a great game rotten.

There are a lot of first person shooters out there, and with Battlefield 4 giving me a whole lot of bug-related headaches I decided to step into a different arena to indulge my itchy trigger finger. This time my poison of choice is Sony Online Entertainment‘s Planetside 2. While this game has been out for some time, it’s no less fun than when I first tried it out. Truth be told, I left it alone for longer than I should have, a lot has changed in the … Continue reading The Only Reasons You Need to Play Planetside 2

Taking a Look into Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

When I was a child growing up to way past my teens, I was always mesmerized by card games.

There was just something about those pieces of thin cardboard that made my hands itch and sent my mind racing.

The games varied and could have been as heated as a game of poker with a plain old deck of playing cards or something more ingenious – I’m talking about trading card games of which I played many.

For a time they had definitely had me on their deadly hooks, taking up a lot of my time – they were just … Continue reading Taking a Look into Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

Playstation 4 Launch, Things Everyone Wants to Know

In a few short weeks the Playstation 4 will be coming to stores around the world (Nov 15, America. Nov 29, Europe). While the anticipated day speedily approaches, there are still plenty of questions that need to be asked and little details that need to be understood. As someone that is considering buying the PS4, I decided to do a little research about the important tidbits and of course I’m sharing it with anyone who happens to visit this little corner of the internet.

Launch Titles

The games available at launch should take center stage, since they can make or … Continue reading Playstation 4 Launch, Things Everyone Wants to Know

Battlefield 4, A True Sequel

Battlefield 4 is just one short week away! It’s so close yet so far! My impressions took longer to form than I thought they would, which is my way of saying – I was too busy enjoying the beta and may have forgotten to share my insight right away. Still, for anyone reading, it’s not too late to get an early idea of what’s to come and maybe pre-order the game.

The sequel is everything a franchise improvement should be (based on the beta). It didn’t just try to rehash the same things giving off an overwhelming sense of … Continue reading Battlefield 4, A True Sequel

Injustice Gods Among Us PS3 Review

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Superman flipped out, lost his mind and set himself up as the supreme ruler of our dear blue home we call Earth? Injustice Gods Among Us, a fighter from developer Netherrealm tries to answer that question. After finding himself being tricked by the Joker to destroy Metropolis, where Superman’s wife and unborn child were living, Superman became a tyrant in an instant. With a careless abandon, Superman murders the Joker and sets up a worldwide dictatorship with the help of some of his former allies and enemies. Not everyone … Continue reading Injustice Gods Among Us PS3 Review

Video Games, Another Way to Tell a Tale

Stories are Everywhere

Everyone loves a good story, from the youngest toddler taking his first steps to the old man enjoying the last years of his life. It’s hard not to, when stories excite us and stroke our inner imaginations, making us dream of far flung realities that only the best of creative talents could ever design but simple enough that it can leave us smacking our heads and wondering why, we didn’t think of it first.

A tale is joy and sorrow and everything in between, that’s why it’s no surprise that these days a story can be … Continue reading Video Games, Another Way to Tell a Tale